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Business storytelling strategy. Finding your story. Turning your story into authentic, engaging content. Creative content marketing that helps you tell your story across all your communication channels. Tools to speak about your story – live! Engage minds, capture hearts, drive action. Helping you share extraordinary stories.

There are three different ways that we can work with you, and we often find that the people we work with need a little bit of everything.

Using story to underpin strategic change

We offer business story consulting and strategy work that goes hand in glove with organisational change.

If you want to uncover stories in your organisation, assess the stories that you’re already telling, and then drive change from the inside out, this is for you.

Typically, we’ll work with your leadership team, your suppliers, your staff and your customers to find your existing story or stories. Then we’ll compile and review those stories with your leadership team. If the stories align with your vision, you have a pile of powerful stories that you can use to reinforce your vision in all your communications, internally and externally.

If the stories don’t align, then we have valuable information about where disconnects exist, and we can get to work changing the stories so that when you’re ready to implement your change strategy, the stories you tell are consistent within your organisation and without.

Whatever happens, when we have the right set of stories, we can help you polish them so that they are ready to share.

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Some of the areas in which we can help include:

  • Business storytelling consulting
  • Change strategy
  • 360° story research
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Uncovering “disonnects”
  • Getting your messaging right

Using story as a communication tool to connect and engage

Not all organisations are looking to implement change. Perhaps you already have a clear idea of your stories and you know that what you stand for, and the stories people are sharing about you are congruent, and what you really need help with is turning dry facts, figures and information into content that engages your audience AND informs them.

We can help you uncover the important information that you need to be communicating, cloak that information in story to make it fresh and interesting and easy-to-understand, and then we can help you share your stories across a range of communication channels.

From writing impactful content for your website and articles, and creating bite sized stories for social media channels that pull interest,  to helping you draft video scripts, presentation outlines and print material that engages, we can help you find, refine and share your stories on the right channels.

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Some of the ways we can help:

  • Story research
  • Story crafting
  • Content marketing management
  • Content writing
  • Content editing
  • Channel management
  • Social media management
  • Campaign management
    Marketing insights
  • Web, digital, design & branding support

Developing your storytelling skills

The people in your organisation are already storytellers but using stories in business requires a few new skills and different ways of looking at content, communication and people.

We offer three practical programmes for leaders and individuals who are the face of your business – business storytelling training, public speaking and presentation skills training, and cultural intelligence training.  They all help you find and tell stories that resonate.

If you prefer a one-to-one approach, we also offer one-to-one training and coaching.

We also offer keynotes and talks about storytelling, communication and business for conferences, events and Learn@Lunch sessions.

Is it time to develop your business storytelling skills?

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Our training and workshops include:

  • Business storytelling workshops
  • Public speaking and presentation skills workshops
  • Cultural intelligence workshops

Rasheed Ogunlaru

Rasheed Ogunlaru

Coach, Speaker, Author

Suzanne ranks in the top 3% of experts that I have ever met. She is smart, sharp, professional, insightful and delivers great results. I have worked with her as a colleague and on my own business projects. She understands all aspects of communication – online, in person, through visual mediums and cross borders. Suzanne is one of the first people I seek to consult and involve in all my projects. She is outstanding.

Nadine Dereza

Nadine Dereza

Presenter, Facilitator, Media Crisis Manager

Suzanne is quick to understand the nature, needs and vision of your business. Her proposals are well thought through and she is clear and concise in explaining her service offerings. Suzanne is very creative in her suggestions, has a flexible approach and is without a shadow of doubt one of my favourite people to work with.

Jo Sennett

Jo Sennett

Marketing Consultant

I have had the pleasure of working with Suzanne for about 5 years now, and she has always been a valuable asset to my work and business. Not only is she diligent and professional at what she does, but her creative, and out-of-the-box thinking brings the very best out in all the projects we work on.

Marilyn Messik

Marilyn Messik

Copy Writer & Author

Words fail me when it comes to talking about Suzanne and the team at Whitby's, which is a little unusual because I’m a copywriter! But I’ve worked with an awful lot of graphic design/branding companies over the years and can honestly say Whitby's stands head and shoulders above the others in so many ways. I struck gold when I found them.

The skills behind the storytelling

In order to help you find and tell your stories, we blend business storytelling know-how with a myriad of other communication skills and expertise. Here are some things that we can help with to bring to your story to life:

  • Business storytelling
  • Story research
  • Content planning & strategy
  • Multimedia content creation (in English)
  • Content management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Social media management
  • Campaign management
  • Project management
  • Branding & identity
  • Websites, WordPress & CMS
  • Website & blog management
  • Website training & support
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Explainer videos
  • Email newsletters
  • Graphic design & artwork
  • Logo design
  • Brochure / flyer / poster design
  • Custom illustration & infographics
  • Presentation design
  • Presentation skills training
  • Public speaking training
  • Intercultural intelligence training
  • Coaching & support
  • Good, practical, honest advice

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